Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The movies.

Ok we all know that bucket of greasy goodness we can get at the movies... we all know because we have all bought it. And some of us (no names mentioned *cough* me) has been known to eat most of the bucket in one sitting. And than one day while reading the hungry girl book, I found out what is inside that bucket of popcorn.

A large bucket is 1500 calories and 130 grams of fat! OMG. The thought of that and how many times I ate that.. are omg. I am dying here.. seriously! To add to that I had a LARGE Dr Pepper (cause they sell you on that "its only a .25 more!" WOOHOO a special. SIGN me up!) yep sign me up for a 500 calorie soda. Ever sit down and eat one of those bags of Reese pieces? Knowing full and well it was movie theater size, if you were me you just killed it.. hello 1200 calories and 60 grams of fat. OMG that is 3200 calories, 190 grams of fat in ONE movie outing.. and we thought the movie prices were killing us!

So, the thing is this...Mel and I are having a movie night. (Mel btw is my bestie, she's a silent follower) So, what does one do? Obviously those options are well.. let's be honest ok? They suck. Big time. So what does one who is trying not to eat their weight in calories? She goes to the cabinet and takes ideas from the Hungry girl, tonight carried in my little purse are the following items:

tootsie pops--1 point I bring one orange and one brown.
Pop secret kettle corn--1 point for the bag
Water--FREE--but i buy it at the theater.

Total for snacks MAX 2 points and the diet survives. Cha ching.. Now let's hope the movie is good.. hmmm. :o)~


  1. I know I might sound crazy, but last week my boyfriend took me to the movies and instead of going to the concession stand (which I LOVE popcorn.. WITH butter!) I snuck in my 100 calorie pop corn bag, grapes and an orange. And somehow the act of peeling the orange (and making the theater smell good haha) and eating one piece of orange at a time, or popping back a grape... it lasted a long time and was KINDA reminiscent of eating the bucket lol...

    long story short, it tasted good, I still got my popcorn, and I left the theater with my head up =)

  2. your not crazy! that is what I am doing! :o)~ lol. course I normally carry this little purse and today its the size of well.. its not little ;oX lol.

  3. OMG! I have totally eaten a whole popcorn before - wow!

    Sounds like a great time!

  4. If the theaters were smart, they'd sell 100 calorie packs. And fruit! I made myself a three point pack of goldfish today and with that and a banana I was good to go through "How to Train Your Dragon" which I have to add is freakin' AWESOME!

    Wouldn't have needed that much except there was a little time crunch and I missed breakfast and that was my lunch, other than a protein shake.