Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Diet Pie Chart

This morning, in my creativeness sweep, I made a pie chart for dieters. The problem is I have n clue how to get it off Excel and into blogger. Yep, I suck. So instead I put up this picture of pie. Just convince yourself its a diet version ok?

The purpose of this "pie" chart? Well, because I started thinking the other day about how when you are dieting your life sort of revovles around that diet...whether you like it or not! The thing is this: you have to know your numbers to make it work. You have to be in control of your pie! So here is my pie in a pieshell (haha I crack me up. Yea I don't.. that was bad. .forgive me ok? no don't click the X. there is a point I promise! ::whew that was close!:::thanks!)

Food-20% . That may sound like a lot but when you are dieting you have to commit yourself to knowing what you are putting in your mouth. You are what you eat. It took me a long time to realize that eating whether for emotional reasons, boredom, or anyother reason is wrong. You have to eat when hungry. Try and know your scale, 1-famished 2-hungry 3-a little hungry 4-content but want to snack 5-full . If you are on 1 or 2 eat. If you are on 3 or 4 chew a piece of gum and if you are on 5-do something constructive or drink some water. You don't need to eat!! (This was my issue big time!)

Water- 20%. Hydration is so important. 8 glasses of water a day is beautiful and I know people have the "but it doesn't taste as good as soda" . I have said it ALOT! I finally got to the point where I learned I like ICE cold water. I always have one in the freezer and as I am half done I pull it out and sit it on the counter. I drink 8-11 glasses of water a day, it can be done! and after awhile you realize its actually pretty darn good to feel hydrated all the time!!

Exercise-10%- At least 15 minutes a day do something. Some days the most exercise I do is walking Walmart or the grocery store, but I do it! I make sure to get it in. Other days I commit up to an hour to exercise. I have this energy thanks to dieting and exercise that is outstanding! I can do things I have not done in years!! All because my body is giving me two thumbs up of approval. Exercise may be 10% but its a BIG 10%!!!

Support-50% - I can NOT stress this enough. If you do not have a good support system you will be in trouble. BIG trouble! I have the most amazing support system in place, between my family and friends I know I made the right choice to change my life. I know that even if I have setbacks, I will get back on the horse and ride again. If you feel you want to do this and have no support, let me know! I will be glad to be your support system. :o)~
So that is my pie chart... Am I wrong? maybe. But for me that is how my life is laid out now. I conciously think of what I am eating. I think of what I am drinking. I think that I know I need to exercise and I am thankful that I have support :o)~

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  1. Very interesting! I think I focus on the food and the exercise and not enough on rallying support. That is why this time WILL be different. I have my fellow bloggers and my hubs encouraging me.