Friday, March 5, 2010

Things you realize when dieting:

When a person makes the decision to make changes in their life, they come to realize certain things that others would not normally. For instance:

You realize that there are 5 soda cases in every 7-11 but only 1 that carries water. Before I never noticed I just stumpled to the soda case and grabbed a Dr Pepper as if it was my crack. . Ok so it was but I digress. Now in some stores I have to look for the water case. really? Shouldn't water be sort of easy to find? I mean hell, it is clear?

You realize that things you have thumbed your nose up as gross are not gross. Mushrooms.. where have you been all my life? I <3 you!

You realize that calories, fat and fiber will rule your life but not in a bad way. Do you know how insane it is to me now to find out that a "grab bag" size of doritos that I used to easily eat in one sitting is 410 calories and 22 grams of fat? OMG that is 10 WW points, I am sick!! I now know to watch what those three funny things are. if something is over 6 points I really think about whether a) want it or b) I need it. (somedays I have that need ok.. it happens)

You realize that on a day when you don't get to workout you miss it. That your body which normally has this on fire feel, feels more like a snuffed out match and it SUCKS.

You realize that not everybody will care that you are dieting, some won't say a word when they see you, and some will never notice--not even if you lose 100 lbs. But than you have that one person who will say "you look great" and it will take away all the crap from the other people.

You realize that eating healthy and changing your lifestyle is not impossible, nor is it hard to do. My oldest daughter is realizing this. She is doing WW now, I had begged her to try it but she wanted no part. When she was ready she came to me, and now is wondering why she didn't start it before.

You realize that with every pound, every inch and every moment you are getting time back on your life card. You are no longer using a stop watch for your life clock, you are using a calendar.

You realize that you may see your grandkids, your kids get married, and that your life matters. All this because you put the twinkies down, you put the soda down and are on your way to fixing your life. Pretty cool.

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