Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dieting in the era of surgery and pills

Ok first of all, let's be clear I have done the pill thing.. so many times. SOOO SOO SOOO many times!! As for the surgery, I am a chicken. There I said it. I am not a huge fan of needles (isn't that hilarious considering I have two tattoos and I am planning on getting my third.. yea I am special) Anyways.. I find now as I embark on month three of this diet that more often than not I have some genuis who suggests that I use their "Diet pill plan" No, thank you .

I have a very dear friend, but he is selling a "weight loss program. Now, let me tell you the irony of this. He is 6'3ish (maybe shorter and maybe a little taller I am not sure) and MAYBE 160 lbs soaking wet. really? You want to give me advice about "your weight loss plan?" That's like saying asking me how my diet is while you stuff twinkies in your mouth. I have always been chunky and than I left chunky in the dust and moved onto obese, by 2009 that title changed to morbidly obese.

At the end of 2009, I knew I had to fix it so I set a date, January 4th 2010 (cause it was a Monday and you have to start a diet on a Monday). I can tell you guys that I started out at 321 lbs (if you wanna judge me go ahead.. I am in a honest mood today and I will honestly tell you to go piss up a rope), I started Weight Watchers, I started working out with Wii Sports, and I stopped my biggest love affair, Dr Pepper. After a month and still feeling success I added Cool Runnings. The other day I walked 22 laps at the gym and was not even winded--when I started this the five steps going into my house winded me.

This is progress, this is something I am proud of! I have not used any drugs and I have no interest in surgery. My attitude and opinion are I am doing this for me and for my kids! My only question is, why did it take my so long to get to this point? Sighs. We may never know.

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