Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gremlins and the reappearance of feet

See? with a topic like that... how can you NOT want to read my blog.. I AM SAYING! Ok so I have realized that I am a Gremlin. Yep, I sure am. No, we are not talking this cute little guy:

We are talking his brother he turns into at midnight. Only for me this is regarding food and after 9 PM. Recently I stopped snacking after 9 PM. Why? because my stomach would be so torn up from eating something I would be up all night. Walking the house and well ya know grumbling. Now, I go to bed at 11:30ish (ok some nights later) and I am asleep shortly after. My tummy is no longer doing flip flops and I no longer look like this guy:
There has to be something to this whole "Don't feed after 9 PM thing." Things that make you go hmmm...

Meanwhile in other areas of my world. On my first week of this diet I posted this blog the old woman in the shoe has got NOTHING on me: New Year, New Me, New 'tude and this picture on my other blog:
I am here today to post a new picture, I am now two months in and my toes have returned to the picture....seee:
I know I still have landslides to go, leaps and bounds even but my toes are back in the picture. Something i have not seen in a very long time. Does that count for something or am I a few sandwiches short of a picnic? I think for me I never thought it would happen like this. I guess I have turned the corner, I guess now I can finally say "See I am taking this seriously" and it feels awesome!! (We wont mention the capris I have had (still with tags) in my drawers for 2 years in size 22 that I am wearing today... but please allow me one WOOHOOO for that ok? :o)~ thanks!

In celebration of this I am now adding a second cookbook to the mix (Thats right both cookbooks) the rule is for the extra entry you have to spread the word, share the love, etc. Person who gets the most people to say "I found out about you from ____" wins the second book automatically. ITs just that easy.

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  1. great picture Tricia, wow what a difference =) I never thought of taking pictures of me in that angle before, and I should've cuz I couldn't see my feet either!