Monday, March 8, 2010

The kids..

My kids have come to the conclusion that Mom has lost her mind, and if I haven't lost it they will do their best to push me over the edge as fast as they can.

My 16 year old son has just tacked it up to lack of Dr Pepper flowing through my veins. Because even still two and a half months into this thing he looks at me and says "You sure you want JUST water?" Yes, Danny Just water.

My 15 year old has become inspired but as I walk lap 21 of 22 and look behind me at he who is trying to match me step for step.. I see it. The look. Ya know the look it screams "WTF!?!?!?!" But yet he marches on, because he certainly is not gonna be lapped by a girl.

My 12 year old will sit in front of me and eat like the twig she is (I am not Jealous) and continue to stuff food in her mouth (I AM NOT JEALOUS) and than with chocolate on her breath come ask me a question this close (Did I mention she has a death wish?) Yep, that one drives me crazy.

My 5 year old is the one who feels his job is to eat every diet item in the house. Half of them he loves, half of them he acts like they are chinese torture treatment.. complete with falling on the floor. Yep, those things are proof Mom has lost it.

My 2 year old....well she feels her job is to feed me things. And doesn't understand and gets her feelings hurt when Mommy won't take the fistful of Oreos, Skittles or other nasty things that i won't eat anymore. Yep, Mommy has lost her mind.

Now see as you count, maybe you noticed I missed one. My 18 year old. She has decided I have found my mind. My beautiful clone has decided to join me on this diet. In her first week she lost 9 lbs on Weight Watchers! She is working out and like me I think has discovered this is not for the faint of heart but the results kick tail.

So, if I am losing my mind than its the kids fault. Not mine.

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