Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Exercise plan of a Mom

Ya know, sometimes you hear a Mom say "I just don't have time to exercise" Yep, I have said it. So I realized ya know thats a crock. We do exercise. ALOT. Seriously.. Let's think about this:

Weight lifting: Child weighs 25 lbs picking them up along with all the stuff they lift is weight lifting.

Aerobics: Laundry. You are bending into the washer, moving what is in the washer into the dryer, pulling stuff out of the dryer, lifting the basket you put the clothes in to the location to fold them. Walking to put them away. (That is aerobics all that moving right??)

Step Aerobics: Up and down the stairs, either inside the house or the outside of the house, running around. If you don't have stairs, than you are outta luck, sorry!

Squats and lunges: Squating down to get the pots out to cook, lunging over things to get to something else. Yep, this is exercise

If you have a toddler you can also add joggin to this because I know you run to get something from them before it breaks, I know because that is a full time job in our house.

Ohh wait! We can add wrestling too!! Ever try and do a little girls hair that does not want to be done? Ever try to cut the nails of a 5 year old who would rather die than let you cut his nails. I rest my case.

Next time someone says to you "I don't have time to exercise" if they are a mom, remind them but you already do :o)~

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