Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weight Watchers and how it works.

Ok, so I have been asked to explain Weight watchers, please keep in mind that I am still basically a novice at this but I think I can explain it. If nothing else you will see what has been working for me and for Chucky (who is 10 lbs from his goal weight.. say it with me girls.. ASS!... bitter? who me?)

So, this is going to be done in steps:

1) Step 1--Establish your points.. no don't just guess what your points are.. Weight Watchers has a scientific little quiz to help you figure out how many points you are allowed each day. they use a few factors (IE your weight, are you male or female, what is your activity level, are you nursing, etc) While Weight Watchers does not approve of people posting the quiz if you want to find out what your points are, shoot me an email or comment and I will help ya :o)~.

2) Step 2--start out by knowing your food. you are what you eat after all right? (Oh God that means before January I was twinkies and Dr Pepper. Great. NOW I am depressed!.. no wait! now I am healthy stuff.. whew I am better!!) ok the first thing to do is become friends with your food.. each food has a calorie, fat and fiber content. Calories you want to keep at a decent level.. fat you want low and fiber you want high. (PS also have a online calorie calculator too.. same email or comment ok?) Fiber makes you poop. pooping makes you lose weight.. :o)~ ok sorry had to put that out there.. gross I know.. but hey I am a mom of six my manners are long gone

3) Step 3- Plan your meals! trust me! eating on the fly usually adds weight to you.. and its ugly. .become friends with the Hungry girl, Laaloosh.com, and the Weight Watchers website.. they rock for giving you recipes.

So what do I eat? And how many points do I get. Right now I am at 32 points and here is what I eat daily (changed up at times!)

1 Thomas Bagel thin (1 point)
1 WW cream cheese tub (1 point) (its 2 oz of cream cheese
1 cup of coffee (1 point)
banana or peaches (1 point)

Total ---4 points


1 Sandwich thin <---these are DIVINE! (1 point)
2 oz of hillshire farm lunch meat (2 points--I am a meaty girl.. deal with it!)
1 slice of cheese (1 point) <--tons of cheese are only 70 calories sometimes i use a laughing cow cheese wedge yum!)
1 dollop of honey mustard, mayo whatever I am feeling (1 point)
33 Brown rice chips (2 points!!!!!! for 33!!!!)

Total-- 7 points
Afternoon snack:

1 fruit smoothie (2 points)
1 100 calorie snack (1 or 2 points depending)

total--4 points (thats be real most are 2 ok?)


Chicken or meat of choice (4-6 points depending on what we make)
Veggie (spinach, corn, beans,etc) (0-2 points depending)
Side dish (this can be potatoes, or rice) (3-4 points)
glass of wine on THOSE das (2 points)

Total--12 points (yes that is alot but its our big family meal and normally more like 12)


a Hungry girl milk shake, or a cupcake or sometimes just a 100 calorie oreos (MAX 3points)

Total- 3 points

Total for the day 30 points Now my hubby will tell you I hardly eat ALL of that. Normally I am around 26 points at dinner time.. but I wanted to be realistic for this case scenario. I also walk or exercise daily so that helps too. oh and water water water.. I drink 80-90 ounces of water a day!

The thing about Weight Watchers is this, if you look at it like its a diet you will fail. Once you realize you are changing your life then and only then will it work. If you have any questions and i can help, let me know. I would love to have another WW friend, most people have sort of bailed on me.


  1. aww thanks so much!! it sounds doable for sure. Do you still attend the weekly meetings? Do you recommend going/paying for those also?

    and heck yes we need to be fb friends, and I dont know if you got my comment reply but i'd love to walk that 5k with ya if you wanted =)

    you can find me on fb w/ this email addy: s2moore@ucsd.edu

  2. Great explanation!

    I did WW and was very successful before I got married. Lost about 30 lbs and actually had to slow down b/c I was worried that my wedding dress wouldn't fit.

    It was very doable for me and I may do it again if my current attempt doesn't work.

  3. You did a great job describing the plan. The only thing you left out is tracking , writing down what you eat. Makes it much easier to keep track of the points. I use the etools online at the WW website. I think the meetings are very helpful. Although I haven't been in a couple of weeks. You get encouragement, support and learn to forgive yourself for the oops ! Everyone has been there, done that. And moved on.