Thursday, March 4, 2010

5 Ks and the anxiety of can I do it...

On my laptop I have links to about four or five different 5K's, this alone is an accomplishment. I have never been a person who liked to walk long distances let alone run anywhere. While I am nowhere CLOSE to running a 5K, I am I think getting closer to walking one. Every two days my husband and I walk our perspective hineys off, we walk 1.5 miles a day... we have walked in the bitter cold and we have cheated and walked 22 laps at the Military gym (which we know is 1.5 miles) I know that a 5K is 3.1 miles and I am reasonably sure I can do it. I am not in perfect shape, lets be real I will never be a size 3, my body frame is not made for that. And that is fine!! I just would like to get some years back on my life.

At 38 I was on blood pressure meds because my blood pressure was so high I had these head aches that made moving an impossibility. I knew better than to not watch my weight, my dad died in 1999 and his death effected my world. Than I found out about my now ex husbands affair with a friend who was very dear to me, and i was shattered. I lost my drive to care what I looked like. I got it back with Chuck and than it seemed as if I was eating out of happiness (Yea I know.. food and I are buddies and enemies all at the same time).

But now I am ready (I think) to sign up for a 5K, I feel like I can do it but than right when I am about to do it. I chicken out. what is wrong with me? Is this normal? Or am I insane.. its ok you can say it...Iam nuts

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