Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello Spring!!

So, as I wake up this morning and I hear the birds outside (and may I say can we tell them to please quiet down until at least 9:30 on a Saturday? I was leaving at 6:30 (Chuck has drill) and they were already starting!!) but than it hit me. .ITS SPRING!:
and in my world that means we are heading to the:

And that we are going to sit back and enjoy the sun and have fun!! So, than it hits this guy:
Last year, we would sit on the beach and eat bad for me food and drink soda. Yep, the life of the fat unhealthy beacher. That was me. We had people who sat and pointed, and I laughed it off or ok I ignored it. They were laughing at me. Probably wondering if they were going to have to push me back in. Back then it was easy to ignore and laugh. Back then I didn't care. Now, as I sit here at a weight I have not seen in a LONG time, i am not afraid to go to the beach. I am ready for it. No, I will not be walking around wearing this:
But I am ready for the spring! I am ready to WALK the beach and not just plop.. to play in the sand!! Yes, welcome back spring! I have missed you!! :o)~

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