Sunday, March 14, 2010

I feel like a novice.

I used to consider myself a decent chef, mostly because my scavengers can put away food like it is a contest to see who can eat the fastest. So, when I started this diet, I had to relearn how to cook, my good friend butter had to leave. In his place is spray butter (ok for the record NOT the same thing but it works) I also use the I can't believe its not butter spread. I could eat Sour cream on everything, well sour cream left and plain greek yogurt came to say hello.

I have learned to weigh and measure, and count and be smart when I cook and when i eat. I learned that portion control is the main part of this whole ball of wax. I can eat most of what I used to i just can't keep eating like my house is a giant buffet line. I hav learned that water is really not evil, its actually pretty darn good. I used to avoid water and drink only sugary sodas and now all the carbonation and sugar bother my stomach.

I think this is the most interesting thing about being on Weight Watchers, you can still eat like a normal person but you have to watch what you eat and take your points. As long as you do that you are golden.. Of course you feel like you are relearning everything but once you get past that you will do just fine.

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  1. that's a really good point and good job with the substitutions, i actually lost a lot of weight from ww before. I should consider the program again to get off my last twenty. hmmm, and thanks so much for your support =)