Friday, March 26, 2010

Winners WINNERS!!

Yesterday was one of those drama filled days that when I tell you I normally would have eaten two big macs on. Seriously. So did I cave? Nope! I didn't! I didn't eat anything that was out of the ordinary!! And I worked out to get through my rough day! I killed it in boxing and boy did I need it!! My poor kids were dying to know who I was beating up :o)~ So please forgive me!! Ok? Please? No, no don't get mad. .come back.. I still love you!! :o)~ I promise. .can we be friends still? ::please?:::: Okay.

so, I put all 15 of you into the Truly Random Generator and number 5 came up!! So Zink AKA Renee is the Winner of 1 of the Hungry Girls cookbook!! the other one is for Miss Lisa from Oh boy oh boy oh boy (a fun and wonderful blog!) She gets it for sending me a person who said "Lisa sent me!" :o)~ It was that easy!!

Thank you for entering, Ladies addresses please! Oh and stay tuned to this page where you will hear me say "a new fun giveaway will be announced later today!" And if you are a snackologist you are gonna want to enter this one!!


  1. Congrats to them! I'm thinking I might go buy the book for myself now.