Monday, March 15, 2010

who doesnt want a giggle?

Okay, I can be honest with you guys.. I am too tired to be creative today.. Daylight savings time is whopping my behind.. so instead I have decided that today I will post some cartoons I have found funny:And there you have it, some funnies. Today I completed the 30 day workout. I just don't even know what to say, I am thrilled beyond belief, proud beyond words, and relieved I did it. My personal history of keeping with a diet and exercise program.. well it stinks. But it has been said that I have turned a corner, and I believe it!! It feels so good to have that first notch under my belt. And ahem as I London Tipton it for a moment "YAY ME!!"


  1. so this has nothing to do with today's posting, but i came across a pretty cool blog and i thought you might appreciate it too!

  2. I guess I should elaborate on it haha.

    It's about an elementary school teacher who has gone undercover to blog about her experiences with the hot lunches they serve children at the public school.

    To be in solidarity with these children, she's vowed to eat their cafeteria lunches, the same stuff the kids get, for a year (or x amount of time) and blog about it.

    It's great! Making a statement how we need to invest in what we feed our children =) Enjoy!