Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring cleaning or.....

Today we (ok me and a group of people who I think I am related to who complained and acted as if we threatened to turn off cable forever, shut off the Internet and move to a hill and turn into hermits) cleaned our entire house. No, I do not live in a castle but yes the house was in need THAT bad.

Happily I rose at 7 AM (yea I know its Saturday.. I said Happy. .do you believe me?) I immediately started to get to work on the closet (much to the chagrin of my husband who would have preferred to return to the house after dropping the oldest off at the school for an FBLA award ceremony.. but I have the best husband in the world. have I mentioned that? Daily I hear "I am so proud of you" I think I better keep him) Anyways.. so the closet led to clothes that had to be boxed and bagged up. I failed to mention we did the dressers last night.. but all in all I got rid 3 trashbags of clothes and 2 boxes!

If you see someone walking down the road in this:

Don't panic.. it's just me. :o)~ I kid I have lots of clothes I had to blow the dust off of. :o)~ But pretty nice to get rid of the big clothes!!

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