Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekends are work!!

Ok, this may not make much sense but once again my blog .. my rules.. so its ok, right? When the kids are home they resemble this guy:
They come in from school on Friday, they attach the feed bag and they do not remove it until bed time on Sunday night. It used to be almost a goal of mine to keep up with them, think I am kidding go ahead. (So not) It usually goes something simliar to this:

1:45 PM first kid comes in heads immediately to the fridge looks for something to eat, find it eats.

2:20 PM Kids two three and four (four is the 16 year olds girlfriend) walk in they grab something to eat by 2:30 PM We are in the throws of household calastenics (AKA Chore BINGO)

3:30 PM Mary and David come in. David immediately scales the counters (think Spiderman) to get down an Oreo Cakester (although we have changed these to the 100 calorie pack. 2 points!! and um HELLO Oreos!! WOOOHOOO!

5:00 PM as Chuck and I are about to begin our walk the "When's dinner I am STARVING" conversations start. Yes, Starving poor you. whats it been almost 20 minutes since you ate? Oh God where is the HUMANITY?!?!?! Quick someone call Feed the children they are wilting away to nothing.. (Sarcasm...just another service we offer)

WE get back from our walk feed them, they proceed to eat like the above seen guy til their bed time some of them WAY after Midnight.. yep, my kids are pigs. Than the following morning it starts all over with the exception of the fact that it goes on from the time they roll out of the piggy trough until they finally go to bed Sunday night.

Now, when a person is dieting this is stressful!!! Now, the thing about it is, I have learned to get around that. I munch on healthy snacks, I still workout every day (may I point out that I have not skipped ONE day in the past 3 weeks?!!? impressed? I am!) I used to be the person who would beg for the Weekends, now I beg for they can get out of the house and let me diet in peace! :o)

Sighs.. must be nice to be young and only worry about what you will eat next huh? yep, I think so too

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