Sunday, February 21, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

ok if the song is stuck in your head now, please accept my most humble of humble apologies. Ok? I didn't do it on purpose.. I swear.. but it works ok?

In the past few weeks as I have changed my life style, I have a list of what are now my favorite things. So now its time to share some, so without further adieu:

Blue Diamond Almond milk-- Less calories than regular milk but flat out 1 word: Yum! I use it in smoothies, I drink it as is, I have even put it in cereal. It tastes good gives me the vitamins I need and I really enjoy it!! :o)~

The Hungry Girl--Where do I start? Every thing I have tried from her is pure gold. The only one I am not ready to do yet is the tofu noodles. I just can't. I will be flexible and move on to wheat pasta I just can't do tofu.. especially when everything I read says it is fishy.. um blech! My favorites: The Turkey Reuben, the Marshmallow cupcakes, her version of a frappucino, the Eggs bene-chic, and the southwest egg rolls. If you have not tried anything from her.. whatcha waiting for? Good food that is good for you? talk about your win win!!

Smart Water-- I know water is just water but for some reason I love smart Water. I also love the shape of their bottles (they fit beautifully in my cup holder). Smart water is good and tastes good!! Rock on!!!

Wii Active and Wii Active More Workouts--Wii Active More Workouts is what I started with first, it gives you a good intense "Why are you killing me" workout. Than I got Wii Active and discovered that they have sports activities, I am playing baseball and tennis and volleyball and basketball as well as cardio and lunges, and dancing. I can not say more about this program but if you get it buy a new set or resistance bands from Gamestop 9.99 they are soo much better than the ones that come with the game!

Cool Runnings: Couch potato to a 5K-- Great way to get your body moving and get ready to really work it!! My husband tried it today and even he admits it is a work out and a helluva one at that! you really move!! And you feel it! Finally a program I can follow.

WW Ipod App and the Jogging App- I use both to keep me focused and on track, they are invaluable to someone trying to lose weight.

100 Calorie snacks from Nabisco--They are wonderful when you need something sweet but don't want to kill your alloted points for the day. I would be so lost without these. I love that they come in small packages but you get so much. .I swear the bags are never ending!! yum!!

Bolthouse juices--8 ounces.. 1 point and yummy.. enough said. lady is a genuis, she posts so many great ideas and her blog is full of info that is perfect for someone trying to just lose some weight and not kill themselves.

Chobani Yogurt--I have discovered that Chobani is wonderful. you get a big cup and it just tastes so yummy!! I can eat one and be satisfied until lunch time. <3>

Arnolds Sandwich thins--The worst part of dieting for me is having to give up bread. As crazy as this sounds, I am a bread fanatic. So these little thins are the perfect answer for me. One set makes a great hamburger roll or sandich roll. I am impressed

Mushrooms, Onions, peppers and assorted other veggies--I used to swear off mushrooms I refered to them as fungus. Now I love them. I eat them at most meals, and love the flavor. Onions and peppers and other veggies and I are also now friends its like one big ole pot of Kumbaya!

Friends and family--Ahh see you knew I had to get sappy, my friends and family are my lifeline. they listen to me, give me praises and really keep me grounded. I get told I can do it, and I am starting to think i can!!

So there you have it. .my favorite things. Did I miss anything or did I cover it all?

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