Monday, February 22, 2010

Emotional eating and the conspiracy theory.

Since I was probably five or six, I have been an emotional eater. Think about it, in a way we are guilty of it, and realistically it starts with our parents.

Fall down outside= "Here's a cookie it will make you feel better" As the tears fall, more cookies are handed to you until in the very end all you have left is crumbs and very few tears. All better.

Broken heart= "Hagan Dasz would never hurt me... White Russian .. one spoon." he loves me (bite), he loves me not (bite), he loves me (bite), he loves me not (bite) all the way to the bottom of the container. sighs..

Bad day= "What do you want for dinner? Your choice" Really do you pick the good one? Nope.. you go for the one with the cheesecake, why? because Cheesecake makes you feel better"

Celebrations= "you did it! have a piece of cake!" WOOOHOO I sure did! I deserve TWO!

Birthdays= "you are a year older! YAY You!!" I am almost 40, just hand me the damn cake and get the out of my face. Ok I am not that bad but it sure does feel like that.

Logically you know that eating like this is not good for you, and you have even said it "I don't need it, I shouldn't be doing this" but coulda shoulda woulda emotionally Your gonna. Sighs.

So now how does one diet with emotional eating? This is probably my biggest speed bump, I get upset I head to the cabinets. Only I found recently that if I get upset walking it off or blogging or a ton of other things makes me feel just as good as eating.

Emotional eating be damned! I am gonna beat ya! Now don't get me wrong I still crave stuff boy do I! And last night Chuck and I had a four point cobbler that was divine but it also took care of my emotional need for something last night. It may sound silly but you can still emotionally eat you just have to do it right.

I am not sure why this time the diet is different, I can't explain it. I just know that at this point something had to change, something had to give and in the end its working. At the end of the day I go to sleep and feel good about myself and that tops a container of Hagan Dasz any day in my book

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