Wednesday, February 24, 2010

weekly Wonders

What is Weekly wonders? well,as of right now it is my theme for Wednesday. Once week I will post the things I have wondered on this path. Are you ready? Lets do this:

1) Weekly Wonder 1: Who came up with the idea to make the Wii Active Trainers so annoying? Its not personal, I know this. I really do. but.. this chick is telling me to hit the "show me how the button" because I am not low enough. Ok..see but the problem is my little avatar and the trainer avatar are doing the SAME thing. grr.. someday I am gonna make a user friendly Wii Active Trainer who will just say "girl is that sweat? Get a glass of water you earned it!!"

2) Weekly Wonder 2: Can anyone notice I am losing weight or do I have really supportive friends and family? I know pictures will help but see.. I don't do pictures..not in years. I am chicken.. its ok say it with me bok bok bok. I know I know. I am working on it. This whole picture thing is well its a step at a time ok?

3) Weekly Wonder 3: Did you ever notice as you lose weight you start to think of other improvements you want to make? I plan on cutting my hair soon, and donating it to Locks of Love. My hair is crazy long but can I part with 12 inches? Sighs. I think I can.

4) Weekly Wonder 4: Why are my kids waiting for me to crack? Do you know what I mean? David comes to my water bottle every day and looks at me and says "no soda Mom?" To which I reply "No, David I don't drink Soda anymore" I then get deer in the headlights look. The teenagers are worse.. "you are working out again?? didnt you do that yesterday??" Yes and I am going to do it again tomorrow..eventually maybe they will all get it.. please?

5) Weekly wonder 5: Does my butt look big in these jeans.. wait don't answer that. .give me two more months ok??

6) Weekly wonder 6: How exactly did the Hungry girl come up with so many great recipes? Does she know that she is the queen to many a dieter? If not, someone needs to tell her. Dear Hungry Girl.. you rock.. xoxox--Tricia

7) Weekly wonder 7: My biggest.. how do you pick a 5k? Does anyone know? does it matter which one or just pick one? I have decided I am gonna do it. I am gonna do one in the fall. Whats crazy is I think I would be ready to walk one in the spring, but should I?

See!! Lots on my mind!! Any wonders you guys have? Any you wanna share? Let me know!!

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