Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Battling the Bulge,

So, here I am. Posting on a new forum about an old topic. Its not that I don't love my blogger blog, I do. With all my heart. I just feel this topic is best left somewhere else. So here I am. A little background about myself, I am a woman who in 2010 decided this was the year I gain control of myself.

Why? because when you go somewhere and your 5 year old son says to anyone around and you hear it "My mom has a big belly" it starts to hit home. When you have four steps to walk into your house and discover by the third you are out of breath, it hits home. When you realize that Dr Pepper is more important than most other things in your life, that it is a crutch its time to do something. I knew exactly what I had to do but I did not know how to do it? I got on a scale and saw a number that alarmed me, and broke my heart. I found myself becoming more and more angry, fighting with the entire world. Hating myself in ways that nobody should hate themself.

So on January 4th, with my humor intact, I approached Weight Watchers head on. Since that fateful day on December 30, 2009 I have dropped 37 lbs. SHUT UP! No really I have. I can feel a difference, I can feel a new spring in my step. Friends are noticing. ITs lovely. But is it enough? Nope I want more. This blog? Well what is it for you ask? This is for me to get it out there. To post about how I feel and what I need most, support. I work out daily on the Wii Active (man whoever thought that up is a genuis, but there are days I really wanna kill them), I adore the Hungry girl, and I am a huge fan of Weight watchers.

Yep, this is my life. And now you are part of it. How you ask? Well you are reading this, if your interest is peaked let's do it together. If you need some support, email me. Lean on me. I am here. I am ready to fight this battle, and trust and believe I plan to win.

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