Saturday, February 20, 2010

This is not for the weak of heart.

I have learned as I have told various friends that I am dieting that "oh I can't do it" or "Oh its just too hard" or (my personal favorite) "I am not as strong as you" Ok. .let's talk shall we? Woman to er um reader? If I can do this... anyone can. If I can stop eating the way I was.. ANYONE can. think I am kidding? Let me tell you something, on an average day I used to eat almost 5000 calories I added it up. I am not sure how I did not have a heart attack. I am being seirous. In the past 7 weeks, I have completely retaught myself how to eat. For breakfast I eat a yogurt and a cup of coffee. Lunch varies today it was a bowl of grapes (1 point) and 2 string cheese (2 points). Tonights dinner is steake and chicken fajitas with a 1 point Mexican creamy dip that we will use on top. :o)~ See? Easy peasy!!!

I think people need to realize that the hardest part of dieting is making the decision that you can do it. Its ok to spend an extra 5 minutes in the grocery store to read ingredients and calories. Its ok to put the soda down!! If you have to have it, diet soda or some of the zero ones are awesome. ( I recently discovered I like sprite zero and will drink one once a week (its my treat)) other than that I drink almond milk, water, and coffee.. thats it)

So here's my offer... if you feel like you can't do it talk to me. I will help you in every way possible. I promise! I will help you. I know it sounds hard but really it can be done. :o)~

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  1. =*)
    I might take you up on the offer & ask for some cheerleading, if nothing else. Or, you can send me pictures of yourself looking amazing so my jealousy makes me exercise ;-P