Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 1 of the 30 day challenge.

I have discovered on this journey, that I have friends that are just so amazing. When I mentioned I got Wii Active about a month ago, a friend (who I reconnected with thanks to Facebook... have I mentioned how I LOVE Facebook??) said when I was ready she would do a 30 day challenge with me. (Rebecca-I adore you in ways you will NEVER know!!) Today I completed Day 4, Weds was a rest day. And I have to say after a week I was expecting pain and wishing and praying for death. But instead I find myself looking forward to week 2.

Imagine this, when I started this walking up steps of any kind (be it 2 or 20)I would lose my breath. I could not make it without hurting physically. I could not chase my kids, I could not do anything essentially. If it was physical activity, I avoided it. Now, I love it. I love working out and making sure I make the time for it is such a piece of cake. My old excuse was "who has time? I am a mother of six" but ya know if I am not sitting on my well arse.. I can do it ;o)~

I look at it this way, every week I work out I am giving my kids a chance at having me a bit longer. Think about it, when this journey started I was at my highest weight ever... EVER....and after 1 month, I am almost smaller than I was in the past 5 years! I know I sound like I am tooting my own horn and um beep beep. :o)~

Until next time. .off to make WW crabcakes for dinner. YUM!!

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