Friday, April 9, 2010

The Twilight zone of dieting.

Picture if you will, a woman starting off at 321 lbs... she can not squeeze herself into her size 30/32's anymore, she can not walk up six steps into her house without being out of breath and she is cutting her life to ribbons just by continuing bad habits. Enter Weight Watchers, suddenly the woman realizes that she can do it! She can lose the weight and she can (incredibly) walk up those steps. She loses sizes first the 30's leave, then the 28's, then the 26's and now most of the 24's are gone. That's right you have entered the Twilight zone of dieting.

Ok, that may sound dramatic, but as I weigh myself and I see 73 lbs gone, all I can think of is "This is not happening." Forget the fact that I can't wear clothes I have worn for years. Forget the fact that I no longer am found at 3 AM opening a fresh Dr Pepper to get a sip of something to drink. I still wonder how long this will last. Things have changed but I still have that 321 person standing to my left, trying despeartely to get my attention. She REALLY wants the Dr Pepper and the Big Macs but the side of me that knows that is reckless and insane and really not worth the points won't do it.

I know there will be a plateau. I know that I will hit a coasting point, but right now I am enjoying the ride. I am enjoying that I have bought two SUPER cute skirts to wear and one is a size I have not worn in 14 years! It is a size 22, although I am constantly asking my poor kids if it looks alright. I have determination that can not be matched, but yet I still have this fear that I am gonna fail.

I am looking at 5K's and even a half marathon, my plan is to walk. At some point I will run them but right now walking is where I need to be. I need to not put the horse before the cart and just do it. I know I can. I have the confidence that is just unfathomable, I know that I have the worlds greatest support system.

Just if this is the Twlight Zone, can we not let Rod Sterling show up yet.. I am kind of enjoying this ride.

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