Monday, April 19, 2010

Mountains 21-30

It seems to me like these mountains are getting bigger. I have not conquered all of them or anywhere close to them. But I do have a few more so let's see what I can answer:

Mountain 21- Participate in a blog or group about weight loss, hope to help someone out. Ok I think thats a double check i have this and I have a FB group now. Go me.

Mountain 22- Make more meals at home then out of the house--huge check off. We eat nearly every meal at home and the best part is I know the cooks and I know what is going inside the meal. This is working up and down the mountain.

Mountain 23- Create a menu for meals at home, not just for me but for the family, stick to them. We have been doing this since January and it has worked for us. We found out a few things 1) I love my stove 2) the kids seem to prefer homemade over store bought.. who knew??

Mountain 24- Wear my bathing to the beach and not cringe thinking someone behind me is making whale noises. So mastered that mountain. Three times now!!

Mountain 25- help a friend start their weight loss journey. I have done this mountain, I have friends who ask "What are you doing? how are you doing it?" and I have asnwered. its been great too!!

Mountain 26- working out even when I didnt feel the desire. This is a huge mountain for me. moving and I are not friends, so getting up and just doing it (I feel like the nike symbol) is huge for me. Mountain is now a hill.

Mountain 27-Changing my attitude, this one is a work in progress. I am at the top of the mountain.. I am just trying to coast down.

Mountain 28- Taking on new challenges. Prior to my lifestyle change I would never have even entertained the idea of walking or exercising. These new challenges have changed me.. and this mountain had its tail kicked.

Mountain 29- When angry or sad, working out not eating. This one is huge . I am an emotional eater.. things get me going. I eat.. now I work out. I like this much better!!

Mountain 30- Beans,veggies and other things previously deemed yucky are not yucky! I even made the black bean brownies (odd but good)

10 more mountains conquered but tomorrow we will start on the ones that I need to get to.. wish me luck...

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