Sunday, April 4, 2010

Picture this...

Easter.. in the house of a dieter. Easter ya know the holiday that definitely is ABOUT the fact that Christ is risen, but also has underlying tones such as Reeses peanut butter oh my God in heaven eggs. holy spumoni batman!! You have to understand me.. I can sit down and eat these in a one sitting.. NO, not one.. a BAG of them. I love them. I love them sometimes more than my kids. (they are always sweet the kids well er um.. yea you get me..)

So I wake up this morning to have a chocolate bunny thrust at my nose "Eat Mommy" from the 2 year old. No thank you baby was the reply... and she left dejected. Was it possible that I just turned down chocolate? Was it possible that I turned HER down with said chocolate" Yep, sure is.

Fast Forward-there is chocolate all over the house, there is chocolate all over the faces, there is chocolate and jelly beans and malted eggs and so many more things. Strong? I am trying.. weak.. you betcha.

We are getting ready to eat lunch and head to the beach, mostly because if we don't eat something soon, I am going to make out with the basket of Easter goodies.. Go ahead think I am kidding. I am so not. Lunch is WW pork tenderloin, Crash hot potatoes and (TOTALLY revamped) broccoli casserole. I can do this. Its not gonna be easy.. but I can.

I already told Chuck I am not counting points today. I then leand over to him and whispered 'four' as in that is how many I have used. There is no use, I am going to count points. Tonight I am making a REAL cake....with REAL frosting. am I insane nope I am willing to go ahead and have my cake, and I am gonna eat it too.
Happy Easter everyone. :o)~

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