Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little Mountains to climb

I don't have one big mountain to climb. I have a set of about 60 little bitty mountains, and that is where I am at. I want to climb each mountain as I come to it. Here are my first 10:

Mountain 1: My black jeans-I just wanted them to fit. One month in THEY fit. And I am down the other side.

Mountain 2: Complete a 30 day workout, I did. And I went down the mountain again.

Mountain 3: Take a picture of myself, I have. I am still too chicken to share. What if you guys don't see it, and think I am nuts? Yep, thats my mind. But can I get a point for taking the picture. I just gotta go down the hill.

Mountain 4: Giving away all the 30/32s in my closet. I did it. Goodbye. Adios. Au Revoir. There you go down that mountain.

Mountain 5: Put on a pair of pants with no elastic in the waist.. done. No stretch, no elastic. And they fit.. WELL. Mountain.. kiss my heiney.

Mountain 6: Lose the inhabitions in the bedroom, I know. WTF?! you have six kids! I know I know. .but I kept thinking he doesnt find me attractive. I am slowly realizing to Chuck, I was always fine but now I am just getting better. :o)~ hubba hubba,.. mountain six.. oh yea baby.

Mountain 7: Keep track of my points for 30 days in a row, don't lie. Just do it. Check check check... I have kept going.. and its awesome. Down that mountain I go.

Mountain 8: post my real weight, I have done that. It holds me accountable. I am proud of myself. I have LONG ways to go but I am proud of it. My mountain ROCKS :o)~

Mountain 9: Try something new, I have done that. I have tried manythings and happily admit that for the most part of have liked everything. I have coonquered that mountain.

Mountain 10: Today, I have a shirt in my closet. It is the last shirt my dad bought me. My Dad died 10 years ago, and no matter how much weight I gained, I would NOT get rid of this eeyore shirt. No way no chance. Today, I am wearing my shirt. Today, my shirt fits and my dad is smiling down at the top of my mountain. Proud? You betcha. Mountain conquered.. you bet your ASS.

So, my mountains are falling 10 are gone, 50 to go. What will we do next? who knows. My 5K mountain is still out there, but I still want to do it. There are so many to climb, so many to get over. But so much confidence to do just that.

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