Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That dreaded 5K

So, if you have been following me, and not just because I have given two great giveaways (btw will the people with the 1000 calorie boxes please email me or I will have to give your prizes to someone else.. thanks!) I have been fighting this dreaded 5K. I want to do one, I know I am fully capable of doing one, but at the same point there are a few things holding me back:

1) Money. Most of them require you pay an enterance fee, right now that is not possible for me to do. While I can justify that it is for a good cause, the bottom line is I don't have the extra to spare.

2) I am afraid of failing in front of thousands of people. What happens if I make the effort and I fail? What would that do for my esteem? I know I know it makes no sense. But no matter how much weight I lose I will always be that fat person trying to get out. The fact is, while I am brave on the exterior I am a chicken on the inside.

3) Time. See, Chuck has drill, the kids have activities.. and everytime one pops up.. ok who are we kidding this is another excuse.

So, I got to thinking (did you all see the smoke? I know you did) that maybe instead of walking one that is set, what is wrong with me walking one with some friends? Maybe try and get some friends together and walk a 5K, no rush no hurry just some friends supporting each other in a walk. It is truly not a matter of knowing whether or not I can do it, its finding the inspiration to get it done.

I will be 39 on June 7, and I have never done anything that will require something so physical from myself (I used to use the Asthma card in PE to get out of the 600, how is that for honest?). I am not against doing this, I just need some help. Is there anyone who wants to help me take this journey? Walk a 5K with me, and if and ONLY if someone wants to donate to a jar we will give the money to CHERUBS - The Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research Awarenes. This is the horrible disease that took my son Matthew and maybe with some inspiration I can say part of me is doing this walk for him in what would have been his 20th year.

Once one, two or three people say they want to join me, we will pick a date and get going. So, anyone wanna help a girl out?


  1. I found this link from Shana's blog (her friend from college) if you are in the DC area, there is always AIDS WALK! I did it last year and it was amazing!

    I'm down if you created your own 5k too

  2. I'm available by phone... Bit of a haul to do it in person...