Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother may I....

Surely growing up, everyone at one point or another played Mother may I. I have learned recently that dieting is nothing more than a game of Mother may I. For those of you (Who grew up under a rock or in a sheltered life) who are unfamiliar with Mother may I these are the rules "one person is the Mother" She gives suggestions such as "Mother says take two steps forward" to which you reply "mother may I?" And the answer "yes you may" if you fail to ask you have to go backwards.

In my world Weight Watchers has become Mother and I am pleading for steps forward. A typical day in our house:

"Mother, may I please eat hummus and melba toast for two points?"

"yes you may" Two steps forward.

"Can I have the Mr Goodbar that is taunting me in the cabinet"

"No you may not" One step backwards.

"Mother, may I please have 1/4 cup of chocolate chips for 1 point"

"Yes you may" Two steps forward.

"Can I skip the water and drink something else"

"Heavens no.. " one step backwards

"Mother may I workout on the Wii?"

"Yes you may!!" Two steps forward

May I curse at the trainer?

"No you may not" one step backward (Stupid discipline!)

And while I can make jokes about this, the fact of it is.. this time I have seen more steps forward. I hope that continues and I hope that I can continue to keep my feet going. I just have to remember to ask Mother if I may.

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  1. It's so true! I've been doing really well on WW but you really have to stick with the plan.