Saturday, April 10, 2010

The good, the bad and the filling.

I constantly get asked what hungry girl recipes are my favorite, which ones I haven't liked or which ones are now my staples. I started to put this in a FB post but quite frankly it was just too many characters. (ok sue me. I talk. alot). Btw my blog title is um a fraud.. there is no bad in these books, or if there is I have not found it. I love it all. Filling? Oh thats all of them too!!

So without further adieu... here they are by book and page number

These are from this cookbook:

Eggs bene-chick page 26--delicious and filling
My big fat greek pita page 70- yum
mexitato page 86- yummmooo
hot diggity chili dog page 111
hg's depudged pigs in a blanket p 142 -a classic that is hungry girled.. win win
rockin lean bean casserole page 152.. I heard angels.. just sayin'
dreamy chocolate peanut butter fudge page 171- delish!!
snazzy blueberry scones--page 210 I made them with mini chocolate chips.. yumo!
cookie-irifc ice cream freeze page 239--heaven
These are from this cookbook:

gooey cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing page 36--holy cow batman.
hakuna fritatta page 50-We bonded over lent..
snazzy spanish omelette page 60-this is just fabulous
sassy southwestern eggrolls page 94--this is what brought me and HG together
mexican bean and cheese dip page 126- fab
nacho-average tortilla chips-page 129 ironically I made these today.. yummy
ez tomato basil chicken-page138- we love this one!
lean bbean and cheese enchiladas page 168
turkey reuben quesadilla-page170 we put this on sandwich thins but so good!
joe cool java freeze page 188 just like Starbucks I swear
pepperminit chocolate chip freeze page 195- holy cow
pina colada smoothie-page 202 this is just amazingly yummy
red velvet insanity cupcakes page 209--the kids didnt realize they were good for them
chocolate marshmallow madness cupcakes page 211- see above message
chewy smores snack mix page 251 yummmmmmmmmm and it lasts
gimme gimme smores sandwich page 260 love it
Vanilla thrilla coffee float-page 263 delish
And this is the most recent one:

This is the newest book, now we have not made LOTS of stuff but we do have a pretty decent little group of stuff so here we go:

Shrimp and grits for hungry chicks page 44- so amazingly good
planet hungry wood sweet and capn crunchy chicken page 54-this may or may not be good but I am sure we will love it. we are making it tonight
chicken enchilada casserole-page 66 my pickiest eater had two bowls
egg mug florentine-page 72 this is our secret. I didnt tell Chuck I made this. shh
creamed corn cheese bites page 102- sooo good!
slammin slaw-page 114- we love coleslaw. we LOVE LOVe LOVE this
queen of the castle sliders page 134- soo good and filling!!
easy oven baked smores stuffed bananas page 166-I didnt expect to love this. but i did
corndog millionaire muffins page 250 oh my
holy moly cannoli cones page 258 if you only listen to me one time. .let it be now
overstuffed peanut butter n banana french toast page 288- did you just choirs of angels. oh I did.. believe me. I did.

And there we have it... there will be more I am sure in the next few days/weeks. I love these books and I love her recipes.. if you google them most of them do pop up. If you have the books there are the page numbers :o)~ Enjoy!!

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