Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring break and snacking.

Today, ok technically Friday at 2:30 PM, spring break began. With spring breaks comes me rushing to the store to buy what I call "quick" lunches. Ya know the ones I am talking about: Corn dogs, hot pockets, those sort of diet killers. Yep, I bought them. I also bought lunch meat, sandwich thins, and many other things to keep me on the right track. I managed to go through the entire day with eating only ONE Reeses Peanut butter egg. Last year I ate a myself.

Normally, the goal of spring break is to sit in the house and eat yourself stupid. We are having days in the 80's and that is NOT going to happen this year. I am taking the whole gaggle of clowns out of the house to avoid that temptation. Temptation is after all, the root of all evil. I know for me, I can see where things have changed. I am no longer fighting off the desire to eat an entire can of forsting in one sitting. I just don't want it.

I told myself yesterday I was not going to count points, by the end of the day.. I had counted points and I had come out on top. I won. I survived my first holiday on a diet and it was easy. I think spring break will be the same thing, tonight I am making a HG enchilada casserole for dinner. Those who don't (or won't) eat that are going to have are having hamburger helper. It does not bother me to make an additional meal because leftovers become lunch. Not such a bad deal, ya know?

I am going to make up a bunch of the Hungry girl snack mix suggestions and I will store them for me and or the kids. If they want them than sure why not? If not they will be here for me. I am determined to survive spring break... one way or the other.. If I can't keep my sanity I can at least keep my diet in check :o)~

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