Sunday, May 16, 2010

Avoiding the arms of Mr Hershey...

Throughout my life, whenever things get stressful I would head to the cabinets to make it all better. The last time I was on this diet adventure, I found out my ex husband had an affair and sat down and ate an entire bag of Honey Mustard pretzels (a family size bag). I get stressed out and you can hear "May day! May day!!" As I am going out of control and losing it fast. My problem is not that I love food, my problem is that at the first sign of stress or worry I eat, and I eat like there is no tomorrow. My ex is unemployed (again) and with this latest trip to the unemployment line comes more stress (ugh!) .. and that's not all...

My husband has been doing this journey with me, but for all basic purposes he has hit his goal weight and he is done. He seems to have lately stopped measuring stuff at meals, eating regularly but still cautiously but he forgets sometimes that I am SO far from my goal and need the measuring. Without it, I am out of control. And while I do know that he is not responsible for weighing and measuring what I eat, his support before was awesome.

I have a bunch of stress in my life right now, thanks to that stress I open the cabinets and see my good choice snacks right next to the bad choices. While I know that grabbing the bad ones is wrong and stupid, there are moments when I am weak and I just want a moment to forget the issues. But I am opening up a whole new can of worms. I have felt myself getting lazier when it comes to working out. I am in a rut and I need some help, I need to pull myself back out of this and fast!

Suggestions are open and appreciated

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  1. 1. Sit down with the spouse and ask for his support in the specific ways you need it. If you need him to measure your food for you, then ask. Whatever you need, tell him. He's a good guy and he loves you, and he'll do what he can to help. But he can't read your mind and being a guy, he needs those dots put close together and the lines kinda drawn in for him. (Per Dr Phil, who is also a guy.)

    2. Make a gratitude list, and add to it every day. You could also have a spoken list at dinner time each night, so you all share and build that attitude together.

    3. Consider whether the kids actually "need" those not so good snack choices around. The idea that kids need to stuff their faces all day and eat junk food when they are hungry (vs a piece of fruit or a glass of milk) is actually a very new one, and it is producing a generation of obese young people. These are your kids, with your genes, and the sooner they learn to enjoy healthier choices in food, the less likely they are to end up where you did.

    4. Repeat after me "We've made it through worse than this, much worse, and we'll get through this. Getting off track with my diet and exercise won't make me feel better, it will only mean that when things get back to "normal" I have a longer way to go to my goal."

    5. Use exercise for what it is best for... managing stress! You will always feel better and less anxious after a workout. Remind yourself of this.

    6. I know things are tight, but you probably need some Rescue Remedy in the house. A spritz of that in water will calm your nerves... then you can decide what you want to eat. Rescue Remedy can be found at any health store.